Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Vacation Bible School 2018

We headed off to the Arctic – and learned about the Bible on our trip. It was an enjoyable week with music, crafts, games, Bible stories, snacks, and weird science experiments. Through it all we learned about the coolest book on the planet. Each letter from the word “BIBLE” was used as a theme for the day.

B – Book of Books: The Bible is a unique book for many reasons. There is no other book like it.

I – Incredible Impact: The Bible has left its mark on our world and our culture in many positive ways.

B – Bedrock Base: The Bible is a solid foundation upon which to build your life.

L – Letter of Love: The Bible is from God to us and tells us his plan to reach out to us through Jesus Christ.

E – Exciting to Explore: There is so much to discover from the Bible, but we must approach it with the right attitude.

We were also visited each day by a grumpy ice road trucker who took up our offering. This will go to Canadian Baptist Ministries to help with children going to school in third world countries. We raised a bit over $275.00 for this project. Way to go everyone!

Watch the video to see a recap of our week.

See you next year



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