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Long Lake Camp Update

Camp Season is Almost Here!

What goes on behind the scenes in running a summer camp? How much work is involved in getting ready for camp? How much does it cost to run a camp?

These are all questions that maybe we just have never paused to think about. However, the more we know about the ins and outs of camp, the more we are challenged to support it. We can be encouraged because our giving is being put to good use.

In This Together!

We are part of the Lunenburg-Queens Association of Baptist Churches. One of the ministries that all churches share in common is Long Lake Camp. We support it together. We pray for it together. The Board gives a reportĀ at our Association business meeting each Fall. We share in the ministry together so children can hear the good news about God.

Be Informed!

Listen as one of the members of our church, Alissa Getson, who is also a Board member of Long Lake Camp, shares an update on the camp ministry.



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