COVID-19 Response

As Christians, we are called to love God and love our neighbour. One way to love our neighbour is to cancel all church gatherings in person at this time, including Sunday Services. We will continually monitor what our health officials are saying, but we will not consider reopening the building until groups of 50 are allowed to gather.

How Can I Experience Church This Sunday?

At the present time we are partnering with Bridgewater Baptist and will be participating in recording services with them. These services will be available for livestream through their website and YouTube channel. Just click the following link to go to the video stream. It will be available at 10:45am on Sunday morning.

Stream Sunday Service

If you have a family member that does not have access to the internet we would encourage you to arrange for them to watch it with you.

How Can I Give to My Church?

As you know there are still ongoing expenses for our church even in a time like this. We will do our best to limit expenses, but some things must be paid. It is important to keep supporting our missionaries at this time as they are facing the same challenges as all of us. Therefore, there are different options for you to give at this time as explained on our GIVING page.

You can drop your donation off at the home of the pastor or a deacon, or arrange for them to pick it up.
The contacts for pastor and deacons are:

Mitchell Foley: 902-543-9232
Paul Haughn: 902-688-2915
Richard Levy: 902-543-0004
Betty Lohnes: 902-527-2228
John Manzer: 902-543-8674

Keep in mind that social distancing will be observed when doing this.

Blessed Assurance

Paul said we live by faith, not by sight. We are still people of faith and we may not know the reason for this outbreak or our future, but we live by faith and cling to Jesus.

Someone wrote that God is going to ignore the quarantine and continue to be everywhere. God is still in our homes, nursing homes, hospitals, and in every corner of our world. God will never practice any form of social distancing but will always be present with us through this time. God is still in control.

Remember, we are still the church. Nothing, not even a pandemic can overcome the church. Whether we are in the same room or online, our connection is Jesus Christ. He holds us together.

Feel free to call myself or one of the deacons at any time if there are any concerns or questions or if you have an urgent need and are not sure where to turn.

If you have a family member that does not have internet or email please share this letter with them.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!