Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia


Small Groups – Summer 2019

There will be one small group meeting this summer. Please check our monthly calendar for exact dates, as there will be some evenings with no group.


Location: Paul and Jean Haughn – 1900 Highway 331, West Lahave
Facilitators: Mitchell Foley
Type: Mixed Adult

Topic – Forensic Faith

Many people are Christians in the same way they’re a Californian or an American. They were born and raised in the church yet are unable to answer any pressing questions people might ask about Christianity. Today’s culture is increasingly skeptical so we must have answers that stand up to aggressive challenges. In this opening video, Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses the importance of “testing” the truths of Christianity, asking why people say they’re Christians, and understanding the difference between experience and evidence when explaining what we base our belief on.