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These Good Ole Boys Can Sing

Some have more hair than others, but these good ole’ boys like to sing – especially when it is for a good cause.

A group of men from the church have been practicing for quite a while. They even have sung at the local nursing home and a fundraiser for a Bible camp. But this was the night!

You see, someone bravely approached them and asked them about doing a full music concert. That was it – they were on the spot. Could they do such a thing? After all, they had been building up a collection of songs for a while. Surely they could put it all together!

Their voices might have been growing stronger, but their hearts were also large. You see, they knew that two teenagers from the church were planning to go on a missions trip to Kenya this summer. They now would not just sing to have a concert, they would sing to raise funds for this trip so that these girls would know that this church stood behind them.

The night came and they did it, singing a variety of songs to encourage the heart and to get the hands clapping. Of course, since some of them are not as young as they used to be, therefore, getting them to sing AND smile at the same time can be quite a chore. Something to work on!

They were not the only ones who used their musical talents to bring a blessing to all. The two girls who are going also participated in the music by playing the piano and singing. There were other song selections from the musically gifted in the church.

An offering was taken and over $400 was raised for this trip to Kenya. God had done amazing things through all those participating so that our teens could experience cross-culturally ministry. The men were blessed along with those who were there. God took a group of voices and used them for his work.


The girls have now finished all their fundraising and are ready to go! Uh, almost, some vaccinations and paperwork left – the fun stuff.

Oh, did I mention we had food after the concert- after all, these guys did work up an appetite with all that singing.


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