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5 Reasons We Have Vacation Bible School

It is finally here! Next Monday (July 4) is the first day of our Vacation Bible School. Perhaps some would say the beginning of organized chaos.

Why is it important that we have Vacation Bible School? I am not saying that every church should have it. Some simply are not able to do such an event for varying reasons. We would not be breaking any Biblical command if we did not do Vacation Bible School. So why all this work?

Usually I would link to different articles and give you my top picks, but this week I am taking the plunge and writing my own article. Here are my thoughts on why Vacation Bible School is important.

#1 – Children need to know God

In some way we must share Jesus with children. Vacation Bible School is a program that allows us to do so. God does not call us to do a specific program but he does command us to share the good news about Jesus Christ.

This coming week is an opportunity to do just that. This may be the only week some children have to hear about God. This week says children matter to God and that we are inentional about reaching the next generation.

By the way, it is alright to have some silly fun around the children as we share the good news with them.

#2 – Relationships can be built with the community

There are some who see Vacation Bible School as glorified babysitting. This kind of negative thinking should not be allowed to take root anywhere in our minds.

It is true that the spiritual reason may not be the first thing in minds of the children or parents, but that is not important.

I don’t see in the Bible where Jesus screened people coming to him to see if they had some super spiritual reason. He simply accepted them where they were at and ministered to the needs before him.

This attitude should be our attitude.

#3 – We need to be challenged spiritually

You may have been asked to help with VBS and feel a bit overwhelmed or inadequate. What a great feeling to have! After all, which one of us is really capable in ourselves to teach truths about an infinite God?

And just know, kids will often ask the deepest theological questions that you will ever hear. Children have a unique perspective on life. They have a way of reminding us what is important.

We offer to God our gifts and he takes those and multiplies our efforts as we rely on his strength. If we waited until we felt we were ready to serve then we would never serve.

If God challenges you then it is because he wants you to grow to be more like Jesus.

God has this habit of taking us outside of our comfort zone.

After all, even having Vacation Bible School is an act of faith. We have to trust that God will provide what we need.

#4 – Ministry is experienced as a team

There have been many hands at work getting things ready. There has been work done on preparing lessons, crafts, games, snacks, decorations, and music. There are some who contribute but who cannot be there during the week.

Many hands have to be on deck to make this work.

You may be working with certain people for the first time. This is an opportunity to learn and demonstrate unity in community.

We try to teach children to not be selfish, but this is something adults also need to remember. By giving up time that we could use on ourselves we are saying that life does not revolve around us. We acknowledge this when we use our gifts for God.

Children also experience creativity from those serving God. They see artwork in decorations. They experiement themselves with crafts. They hear the Bible stories told in engaging ways. They jump up and down to contemporary music.

All of these things say to them that the Christian faith is something that can be experienced. God is pleased with artistic creativity used for his glory.

#5 – It gives us permission to dream big

Many times we define ministry by the way we have dont things in the past. We get stuck in a rut and the vision for our ministry gets smaller.

Vacation Bible School can shake up our routine and remind us that God is always up to something.

It is that one week where we think outside the box, but it beckons to us to keep thinking outside the box.

God is always at work and he invites us to be part of it. Sometimes we have to break out of the routine to see it.

Laugh of the Day

I am going to leave you with one link that I thought was quite humorous. It is an article entitled Nation’s Hospitals Prepare For Influx Of Shell-Shocked VBS Volunteers.  Remember, it is meant to be satire. I have never heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Vacation Bible School. I don’t think our health-care system has anything in place for this!

Your Turn

Is there anything you would add to this list above? Do you agree or disagree. Share your thoughts below!



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