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Caught In The Crossfire – Daniel 11:2-35

Does history have anything to teach us, or is it just a bunch of random coincidences? Daniel 10-12 shows us that history does matter. When it was first given it was all prophecy, but much of it has already been fulfilled.

In this section, God predicted that there would be struggles between world empires, and that his people would be caught in the middle of these two empires. Not only that, an evil ruler would come from one empire and directly persecute the Jewish people.

The main point from this section is that God’s people have always been in the crossfire, and sometimes even in the crosshairs. There is a culture war taking place and we cannot ignore it. However, we also know that God is in control. We are also called to resist evil when we see it.

Jesus came and took our brokenness upon himself by dying in our place on the cross. One day Jesus will return and restore what is broken.


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