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Forever Amen

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Philippians 4:6)

The doxology that ends the Lord’s Prayer in some Bible versions was likely not said by Jesus, as there is no evidence for that in any early Greek manuscripts. However, it is a prayer that early Christians used that made its way into the Lord’s Prayer. It is a fitting conclusion for it.

The Kingdom – God rules over the governments of this world.

The Power – God has the power to support his people.

The Glory – God answers every prayer in a way that ultimately brings glory to his name.

Forever – Time cannot take away our life with God.

Amen – Let it be so! We say this because we are committing our prayers to God who is faithful, reliable, and certain.

Robert Murray McCheyne wrote, “You wish to humble a man? Ask him about his prayer life?¬†We know that prayer is important but it is also a struggle. The goal of prayer is not to get good at prayer. It is to live my life with the joyful awareness that God is present with me right now.

There are different things we can practically to help our prayer lives. 1) Pick a time and a place, 2) Follow a pattern or model, 3) Prioritize the spiritual over the circumstantial, 4) Identify your prayer circles, 5) Pray the Bible, 6) Ask whatever you wish – literally anything, and, 7) Be willing to ask one more time.

What difference does the Lord’s Prayer make in your life? Would our churches be stronger if this were the model for our prayers? May God help us become people who will pray as Jesus taught.


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