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Give Me What I Want – Envy

We want to do more than just survive – we want to thrive and live comfortably. Our desires can turn to envy and jealousy.

Envy is resentful desire. It resents that someone else has something that you do not. In contrast, jealousy is the desire to protect what we do have or wrongly assume we have.

Envy distorts the way we look at life. We can believe that others are better off richer, and happier than we are. Envy can go from annoyance to obsession. We can become blinded by our desires and wreck our lives and our families.

Envy and jealousy come from a fear or feeling of having been abandoned by God. It makes us wonder “Where is God?”

Our only hope is found in a God who is jealous. God is jealous of the idols that draw his people away from worshipping him. God wants to repel anything that would separate the relationship between himself and his people.

Jealousy wants to protect and exclusive relationship. This is why envy is always wrong, but jealousy can be honourable when it seeks to protect the marriage relationship. Godly jealousy protects but never harms or is abusive.

God provides what we most desire – an exclusive relationship with someone who understands us and delights in us. To turn from God and follow idols is to go down a road that will leave us empty. We must trust Jesus Christ so God can give us what we truly desire.


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