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Go Your Way Til The End – Daniel 12

We think we can fix whatever ails us. But some things we cannot fixed. When is God going to make things right? How long will we be broken?

There will be opposition to God and to his people. There will be a time of great tribulation before things get better. God promises deliverance to those whose names are in the book of life.

There is a bodily resurrection that is coming, and those who know God will receive great honour and reward, while those who have rejected God will experience shame and disgrace.

Until then, we are called to go our way, to live our life to the full, and to not let our present trial overwhelm our faith. We must wait for God to keep his promises and set things right.

Our best life is not right now. God has a future for his people that will be never spoil, perish, or fade away. Go your way til the end.


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