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God Breaks the Power of Cancelled Sin – Romans 6:1-14

For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under law but under grace. (Romans 6:14)

“Since sin brings grace, then why don’t we sin as much as possible in order to keep grace flowing from heaven?” This is what the opponents of Paul accused him of teaching. However, Paul was totally opposed to the idea that morality and ethics were a matter of personal choice.

The believer is dead to sin. This does not mean we are not tempted. It does not mean we are incapable of sinning. The idea is that of habitual sin. A true believer no longer desires to practice sin as a way of life. A believer cannot live without sin, at least completely in this life, but does not need to live in sin.

A Christian has been freed from the domination of sin. Since this is true, it means we cannot go on living in sin.

We are united with Christ in death and resurrection. When a person believes, God takes that person’s faith and reckons or counts the person as having died with Christ. We are no longer under the reign of sin.

We are also identified with Christ in his resurrection. We have been raised to walk and live in a whole new way of life. This is why we are not to walk in sin.

Because of this, we are to count ourselves dead to sin. This is something we must do. We change the way we think. We must also say no to sin and not yield to its pull. We also say “yes” to the new life. We are now free to live a life to the glory of. God.

Transformation is never easy, but God has broken the power of cancelled sin.


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