Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

God Is Mysterious And Good

God gives us a glimpse of what he is like through our difficult emotions. God is both mysterious and good. God is mysterious because we do not know why God does what he does. God intrudes into our lives to win our hearts so we can bring glory to him. God wants our hearts. He wants us to adore him. God will do what it takes to disrupt our lives to make us aware that we are pursuing other delights than himself.

God is also good. God confronts us in unpredictable and painful ways, but he does so for our good. God reveals his goodness most of all at the cross. The goodness of God is distorted by those who think that God is good if he makes us prosperous or successful. The goodness of God is also distorted by those who think that suffering is only beneficial if it is temporary and we can understand the reason for it. God’s goodness is seen in so many other ways, God restores us, parents us, gives us rest, fills us, and glorifies us.

Like the writers of the Psalms, we are pilgrims in this world. The Psalms invite us to feel the dark emotions that come from living in a fallen world and not to demand immediate resolution. In our helplessness and despair we can hear the echo of eternity and cry out to God.


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