Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

How Firm A Foundation

When it comes to difficulty and suffering, what we most need is to hear from God. The writer of the hymn “How Firm A Foundation” expresses the thoughts of God toward us no matter where are in life.

God has said what we need in the Bible. We are his people who have taken refuge in him. God is with us. When others run away or do not understand, or there is no end in sight, we must believe that God is with us.

God is with us for a purpose. He calls us into deep waters but limits their sorrows. God is actively bringing good from troubles. God’s purpose is our transformation. God is making us like Jesus in the hardships of life. When we have passed through fiery trials and know that God has kept us, then we have something to share with others. God changes us to help us bear the burdens of others.

God will prove his love to us throughout out whole life, even in our old age. He will never fail us. Even when we were enemies of God, Jesus died for us. We must actively place the weight of our life on Jesus.

We often ask the question “Why me.” God wants us to ask “Why you?” Why did you, God, show your mercy and grace to me. Then we are to ask, “Why not me?” How can my life help others struggling on their journey?


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