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I Want To Get Away – Shame

It does not feel good to make a mistake. We will fall and feel ashamed. Shame is the feeling that there is something wrong with us. Shame tells us that our core identity is too ugly to face.

Shame wants to run and hide and escape. Shame says that God is disappointed in us. Shame whispers to us that if other people knew what we were like, they would not want to have anything to do with us.

Culture tells us that shame is the result of poor self-esteem, or the effects of how others have treated us wrongly. The Bible tells us that shame exposes our foolish trust in false gods. When we trust in something or someone other than God, we will be disappointed and shamed.

Shame has its roots in idolatry. Shame is a wake-up call that we are worshipping gods who are not God.

Shame invites us to know the grace of God. Jesus experienced shame in his birth, life, and his death. The day of the cross was a day of shame, but out of that shame God defeated evil and shame.

Shame can lead us to God who offers us his grace. When we come to God in humility we will find freedom from our objective guilt and shame. We will have freedom to worship God in gratitude. One day we will stand unashamed in the presence of God.


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