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Missing The Obvious – John 12:37-50

Jesus displayed signs and miracles, but the the Jewish people seemed to have missed the obvious. Why did that happen? They persisted in unbelief even though Jesus clearly revealed who he was.

John explains this as a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Israel did not recognize Jesus as Messiah because they stumbled over the fact that he had to suffer.

There were a few who believed, but they kept their faith hidden. Their silence was cowardly but it did not hinder the plan of God.

The works of Jesus cannot be separated from the words of Jesus. Those who reject what Jesus said are rejecting the words of God because the words of Jesus were given to him by the Father.

They had enough evidence to believe. Faith is walking towards the light we have been given. The Jewish people were given a choice and were held accountable for their decision. What will our choice be when confronted by the claims of Jesus?


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