Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

No One Wants You – Contempt

It hurts to be mocked, taunted, or treated with contempt. Contempt stings deep in the soul of a person created in the image of God. Contempt isolates and withers. Contempt says to a person, “No one wants you.”

Contempt shames and destroys. This can be done actively but also passively, as treating someone with indifference is also a way to show contempt. The desire to destroy human dignity is at the heart of contempt.

Contempt can show us as gossip, boasting, or blaming others. Contempt keeps one from experiencing love and mercy. God wants to forgive us of the contempt in our hearts

God is a mocker. He laughs, ridicules, and humiliates. No one can mock God, and God will turn the mocker into an object of ridicule. If we turn our heart against God, then he will respond with judgment.

The only hope is to experience the grace of God through the mockery of God. God mocks God. God the Son, Jesus Christ, bore contempt on the cross so that we could know forgiveness.

Once we have been pardoned by God, we can mock evil. We can taunt death and suffering knowing we have hope. We can boast in weakness because God can still work through us. God can use our weakness as we join with him in changing our neighbourhood one conversation at a time.


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