Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Paint It Black – Despair

Despir gives up hope of being happy or rescued. Despair feels that things cannot get any worse. It believes that life is meaningless. Despair is our response to abandonment and loss. The Psalms show us writers who struggle with despair. They feel that God is absent and far away.

Despair refuses to hope. The continual cycle of getting our hopes up only to have them shattered can lead to despair. Despair runs from desire and into loneliness. Despair leads to isolation. God uses despair to lead us to a hope and helps us to find the heart of God. Sometimes God allows us to feel despair in order to get our attention and to help us hope in him.

Jesus faced the horror of despair in order to bring redemption. Jesus felt abandoned by his father on cross. Jesus paid the price for our sins and transforms all human suffering. Despair feels so pointless, but the cry of Jesus reminds us that suffering is not pointless, but brings us to God.

Despair reveals who and what we trust. Ironically, when we feel despair, we must call out to the one who seems to have abandoned us so that we can find hope.


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