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Sleep With One Eye Open – Fear

Have you ever felt fear? We fear what we cannot control. Fear is our response to uncertainty in the face of danger. We can try to hide from it, or we can try to control every detail of our lives.

Our greatest fear is separation and death. Even if life is perfectly in order, we still all fear the dark unknown reality of death. Fear warns us that we are helpless to preserve our happiness. We are affected by things outside of our control.

Fear is beneficial because it warns us to stay out of certain situations that can be dangerous. But fear also has a dark side. It can become so overwhelming that that it can cripple us from enjoying life. Fear makes danger seem overwhelming.

Facing our fears requires us to struggle with our deepest allegiances. It is not whether we fear, but whom or what we fear. We must move toward God with our fears.

We must learn the fear of the Lord. Fear makes our problems seem big and God seem small. We are to fear God – not because he is mean, but because he is holy. A bigger fear causes us to see other fears differently.

Did you know that the most repeated command in the Bible is “Fear not!” What will you do with your fears?


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