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The Resurrection Matters Today

Is there evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? If Jesus had not been raised, then our faith is worthless. We investigate the resurrection by following the evidence.

First, the evidence shows that Jesus truly did die on the cross. The flogging and the crucifixion done by the Romans would leave no survivors.

Second, it is impossible that the resurrection story is a created myth, as it would take a long time for mythology to corrupt a solid core of historical facts. There was not enough time between the resurrection and written accounts for mythology to develop.

Third, the evidence proves the tomb was empty. There would have been no motive for the Jewish leaders, the Romans, or even the disciples to steal or hide the body of Jesus. There were over 500 eyewitnesses who saw Jesus alive. The could not have been hallucinating, or have been persuaded as a group.

The resurrection is a real, historical fact that changed the lives of the followers of Jesus. This makes Christianity an irritating worldview, because it does not matter if we like it, or if we find it offensive – what matters is if it is true. The resurrection shows the truth of the claims of Christianity.

“Do you believe this?” This is the question for us today.


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