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We’re Not Gonna Take It – Anger

There is so much to get angry about. Righteous anger happens when God’s will is violated. Sinful anger happens when my will is violated and I do not get what I want because I believe I am the lord of my life. Whether you blow up or clam up, sinful anger is a toxic emotion that can destroy relationships.

Anger is our response when someone or something interferes with our satisfaction in life. Anger also is our response to an unjust assault. An injustice is a violation of God’s design for life and peace. God has designed anger to motivate us to fight against evil. Anger can be redemptive, or it can be vindictive.

Unrighteous anger demands justice right now. It seek to control, manipulate, and condemn other. Ultimately, unrighteous anger is a battle against God and his moral demands.

Righteous anger is a battle against injustice. It warns, wounds, and inflicts pain, but it also desires reconciliation. Righteous anger warns a person that they could cause damage to themselves and others. Righteous anger struggles and waits on God. Righteous anger is concerned for God’s reputation. Righteous anger grieves over sin.

God has poured out his wrath and anger on his Son who died in our place. When we trust God he saves us from ever having to face his wrath. God will then help us to face our anger and grow in forgiveness.


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