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Widening Our Reach – John 12:20-36

Jesus saw the beginning of a dramatic shift in his ministry. At this point in time, a non-Jewish person was an outsider when it came to the blessings God promised to Israel. They could only come under the blessings of God if they became Jewish converts.

Some Greeks came to see Jesus, but Jesus did not give them an audience. Jesus knew that his time had come for him to die, and that his death would make it possible for the Greeks to experience the blessings of God without first becoming Jews. He did not give these Greeks an audience at this point because it was premature. It was not yet time to begin proclaiming the gospel worldwide with the results that many non-Jewish people would come to faith. Jesus stays focused on his goal of dying on the cross to make missions possible.

Jesus would lay down his life to bring life to others. Jesus calls his followers to lay down their lives so they can find life for themselves. To follow Jesus means to be committed to eternal values.

When Jesus died he accomplished two things (among many others). First, he would defeat Satan. Second, he would draw people from all ethnic backgrounds to himself. The cross is the place where we can be fully known and fully loved. The cross shows the glory of God because through it Jesus widened his reach to the whole world.


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