Discovering God Together on the South Shore of Nova Scotia

What Can I Expect Sunday Morning?

As human beings, we were created to be worshippers. The sin of Adam and Eve did nothing to diminish our desire to worship. We just started to worship lesser things other than the God of the universe. We all serve and give our affection to something or someone.

Worship is lifting our souls to God, trusting in his daily grace, and enjoying his blessings. We refer to Sunday morning as our worship service, but that does not mean that worship begins Sunday morning, but rather that our worship continues Sunday morning in a corporate setting.

We gather together to encourage each other as worshippers of God. We respond together to the greatness of God and learn from the Word of God.

The best question we can ask ourselves is “How do I prepare my heart so that I can focus on God?”

There are a few things that you may find helpful to know about Sunday morning.

Where do I go?

When you come to the church itself, you may park in front of, one the side of, or behind the church. The wheelchair ramp is located at the back of the church. If you are using the wheelchair ramp and the door is locked, just ring the doorbell and someone will come and let you in.

If there is not enough room around the church, then you can park across the road behind the fire department (Thanks to a great fire department for making this available).

Come in the front door and go up the stairs.  To get into the sanctuary, turn right at the top of the stairs and go through the double door.  Feel free to go to any pew and sit where you would like.

Our washrooms on the main floor are located in the multipurpose room, which is the room behind the sanctuary.

For some pictures of the church just Click Here.

Is there something for my young children?

We have a nursery available for up to age 3, and a children’s program during the morning service.

How should I dress?

There is no dress code here at Pleasantville. We want you to be comfortable so just be yourself. Casual is just fine. We do not want you to worry about being dressed right.

Will I be singled out?

You will not be singled out publicly as a guest from the pulpit or made to stand or say anything.

What is your worship music like?

We strive to have a blend of old and new. In our older songs we celebrate the faith of past generations, and we use contemporary worship to affirm and encourage the faith of today’s generation. We believe that you should be free to express your love for God in various ways such as clapping or raising your hands, or in silence.

What can I expect during the message?

The messages are Bible focused and explain the historical meaning of the Biblical text while at the same time bridging that to our day and applying it to our lives

Am I expected to put something in the offering plate?

You do not have to put anything in the offering plate. As our guest we do not want you to feel obligated to give money. Our members and regular attendees are responsible for the financial needs of the church.

What happens the first Sunday of the month?

On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate Lord’s Table as part of our worship service. This is not closed to members only. We encourage you to make your decision to participate based on how you answer the following questions, “Am I thankful for the salvation God has provided for me in Jesus Christ? and, “Am I committed to actively participating in a church family?”

We invite you to join us just as you are.  We are not a group of people who have it all together – we are fellow pilgrims discovering God together.