God is passionate about missions. He is a sending God. The Father sent the Son. The Son came into this earth on a mission from his Father and accomplished his mission through the power of the Holy Spirit

God has also sent us to go to into our world. Mission is the reason we exist. We believe that Jesus sends us into the world just as the Father sent him into the world.

As a church, we strive to live out our calling as ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) to those who do not know Jesus. In this sense every believer is a missionary sent by the Spirit into non-Christian culture to participate in God’s mission.

God’s work results in people of every tribe, tongue, and nation responding in worship to God. God’s mission embraces diversity with a universal message of good news.

The mission of this church is both the presentation and demonstration of the gospel. We want to proclaim the good news but also respond to human need.

We believe that we are stronger together. A follower of Christ is not to live out their mission in isolation but in participation with a local Christian community.

We are also stronger together when we partner with other churches in God’s mission. See our list of supported missions below.

Lunenburg-Queens Baptist Association

Long Lake Camp


Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada


Canadian Baptist Ministries

A global mission organization expressing God's love through word and deed.


Darrell & Laura Lee Bustin

Global field staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries.


Crandall University

A proud tradition of academic excellence and faith


Acadia Divinity College

Be equipped for what God is calling you to do in these times


Ghana Rural Integrated Development

Providing sustainable community development in rural Ghana


Kevin and Marcia Strout

Missionaries with Northern Canada Evangelical Mission