There is Power in Prayer

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

Prayer often does not make the headlines when it comes to church events, but we believe it is one of the most important things that the church can do.

Prayer reminds us that we are totally dependent on God. This is his church and we are weak without the help of God.

Prayer is a way that every person can be involved. There are no celebrities when it comes to prayer. Whether we are young or old, or despite our background, we all approach God through the work of Jesus.

Prayer helps us to focus on our mission. God has called us on mission, and that is a spiritual task which requires spiritual help. We may have a building, classes, and events, but the greatest work we do begins when we come before God.

We pray that God will grow his church. While at times it may seem that prayer is futile, one day we will see the results of this great work.

Please pray with us and for us. We have a prayer time every Sunday morning and would love for you to join us. Let us pray together!

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